Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days – With some basic herbs

Hello friends, this is a frequently asked question that how to reduce belly fat in 7 days or in a week. Reducing the belly fat in just 7 days is not so easy but we can reduce it by using some basic herbs in our kitchen. We have to take these few spices in the same quantity, dry-fry them for a certain time until the moisture is lost, about 4 to 5 minutes at low flame. Use this powder to look beautiful and smart. You can use it daily, Around half table or one tea spoon to Reduce belly fat in 7 days.

Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days


  • English   –    Black Cumin                 —    Urdu    –    Kalonji
  • English   –    Fennel                           —    Urdu    –    Sonf
  • English   –    Cumin Seeds                 —    Urdu    –    Zeera
  • English   –    Carom Seed                  —    Urdu    –    Ajwain
  • English   –    Fenugreek                     —    Urdu    –    Methi Dana
  • English   –    Pink salt                        —    Urdu    –    Pink namak

(“Do not add salt if there is high blood pressure”)

Some Benefits of Black Cumin:

Black Cumin (kalonji) is a very popular spice in every kitchen. It is also called Fennel Flower, Black Caraway, Nutmeg Flower, and Roman Coriander. It is a flavorful spice that has its own sweet and nutty flavor. It acts as Antioxidant, Brings down irritation, Relieves joint pain, Prevents Hair fall, Improves Digestion, Removes bad breath, Improves hair growth and many more health benefits.

Reduce belly fat in 7 days

Some Benefits of Fennel Seeds:

Fennel Seeds (sonf) are also very common spice. It contains Calcium, High in Iron, can prevent Cancer, and Relives in Menstrual Cramps, High in Antioxidants, Eliminate Bad Breath, Reduces Asthma Symptoms and many more health benefits.

reduce belly fat in 7 days

Some Benefits of Cumin Seeds:

Cumin Seeds (zeera) is also a very popular spice in every kitchen, It is Good for stomach, Aids in Weight Loss, Treat Diabetes, Prevents Iron Deficiency, Improves Blood Cholesterol, Regulate Blood Pressure, Treat Piles and Cancer, Soothes Skin and Good for Acne, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Relives Asthma & Cold and many more health Benefits.

Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days

Some Benefits of Carom Seed:

Carom Seed (Ajwain) are very common spice in our kitchen. It helps to maintain good digestive system, Best remedy for Stomach-ache, Helps in the treatment of Cholera, Prevents Alcohol Addiction, Can Cleanse the Wounds, Protects Skin, Relieves Constipation, Treats Acidity, Relieves From Asthma, Cures Vomiting & Nausea, May Dissolve Kidney Stones and many more other health benefits.

Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days

Some Benefits of Fenugreek:

Fenugreek (methi Dana) is likewise an exceptionally well known flavor in each kitchen. Fenugreek seeds are useful for diabetic patients. Galactomannan in fenugreek seeds is helpful to tones down the speed of sugar maintenance into blood. Fenugreek in like manner contain amino destructive responsible for provoking of insulin.

Reduce Belly Fat in 7 Days

Some Benefits of Pink Salt:

Pink Salt (Namak) is a necessary spice in every kitchen, Especially Pink salt is loaded with minerals and provides incredible health benefits.

reduce belly fat in 7 days


In this blog we were talking about, how can we reduce belly fat in 7 days, we discus it with some basic herbs, if you will follow this home remedy you will definitely get best results. but you have to avoid fast food, fry stuff, bakery stuff, carbonated drinks and add some fruits, vegetables and lots of water in your diet.

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Question -1- How can i get a flat stomach in 7 days?

This question is very frequent, if we will follow some basic rules we can easily get a attractive figure, For example: consume less salt, avoid carbonated drinks, avoid fried food, fast food, do some exercise and use this home remedy to reduce belly fat in 7 days or shape up or full body.

 Question -2- What is the fastest way to lose belly fat?

Losing belly fat is the hardest part to lose, but we can do it by doing some basic exercises, It will help a lot if we mostly keep our stomachs pulled in and if we can consume much water in a day. Add green vegetables in our diet which contain much water as well. in this way we can’t reduce belly fat in 7 days but with in some months we can get the results.

Question -3- Which fruit is good for flat tummy?

Grapefruit is one of the best fruit for this purpose, pineapple is also very helpful in reducing fat. both fruits are fat cutter, we can eat them as well make a drink along with carrots or oranges.

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