What does lemongrass taste like?

Lemongrass has a fresh and we can say a bit lemony flavor with subtle hints of ginger. It is known for its citrusy, bright aroma and is often described as having a clean and refreshing taste. The flavor of lemongrass is similar to that of lemon but milder and slightly sweeter. It has a herbaceous, grassy taste with hints of floral notes and is often used in cooking to add a tangy, lemony flavor to dishes, particularly in Southeast Asian Cuisines.

What does lemongrass taste like?

Lemongrass is most commonly used as a flavoring in soups, Stews, curries, teas, and other beverages. When used in cooking, it is typically bruised or chopped to release its flavor and the tough outer layer is discarded before use. It is thought to offer a variety of health advantages, including the ability to promote weight loss.

Fresh Lemongrass can be found in many Asian grocery stores and is also available dried or powdered, though fresh is considered the best for any tea or cooking.

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